Engrenage Provincial Inc., a full-service distributor and integrator of hydraulic and electrohydraulic products, welcomes you to its Web site. Since 1972 we have gradually shifted our focus from mechanical to hydraulic power transmissions and we are proud to be recognized as a standard of excellence in our field. Our comprehensive value-added services cover all aspects of our customers’ needs (sales, design, repair, manufacturing, training, etc.).


The product lines we distribute can be perfectly combined and integrated to respond to your unique requirements in both industrial and mobile applications. The brand names we carry are among the most respected in the industry, come in a broad range of prices and can be used in a wide variety of applications, from the very simple to the most sophisticated high-tech systems. Engrenage Provincial Inc. has established a solid reputation for providing its customers with effective technical solutions and giving them a competitive advantage in their industry.



Your employees need to update or upgrade their working knowledge of hydraulics or electrohydraulics?

Have a look at our course schedule and register online today to reserve the number of seats you need.

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Course offerings:

Customized training
H002 - Introduction to Hydraulics
H003 - Hydraulique industrielle
H004 - Hydraulique pour équipements mobiles
H010 - Introduction to Hydrostatic Transmissions
H020 - Variable Displacement Systems
H030 - Danfoss PVG-32 and 120 Valves
H040 - Contamination Control
H050 - Hydraulic System Design
H070 - Dépannage "troubleshooting" de systèmes hydrauliques
E001 - Initiation à l'électricité de contrôle
H101 - Hydraulique proportionnelle I (boucle ouverte)
H111 - Hydraulique proportionnelle II (boucle fermée)

October 30th 2013
Cauliflower Sewing Machine
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November 29th, 2010
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